Image of #GimmeADollar

Bruh, it's a dollar... What cha gonna do with it anyways?! ;)

Giving me a dollar also gives you the opportunity to make your order total out to an even number.... &&!Errybody likes even numbers

No?? Still not enough to convince ya...
Okay. Fine. Fine. What if I tell you what that dollar will be going towards.. bet that'll change ya mind :)

When you #GimmeADollar it will be going towards a lot of random shit.... but all totally effin awesome shit that you will enjoy just as much as I do... probably

Random awesome shit includes:
• New bikinis (bc it's kinda required, as ya might have noticed by the job title #BikiniBowfishing)

•Boat Improvement (If you have seen any of my progress pics you know my boat has come a longggg way... but still has more work to be done #DatShitsBeenSomeWorkYo)

•Kayak Gadgets (bc them possibility are endless && totally fun!!!! && I'll be fishing from my kayak a ton since it's so easy to load up and go... it might also be the only way to get access to my carp honey hole that i have found... but i ain't giving hints to that spot sooooo maybe I'm just lying #YouWillNeverKnow)

•Fishing Shit