Image of #GimmeADollar

Bruh, it's a dollar... What cha gonna do with it anyways?! ;)

Giving me a dollar also gives you the opportunity to make your order total out to an even number.... &&!Errybody likes even numbers

No?? Still not enough to convince ya...
Okay. Fine. Fine. What if I tell you what that dollar will be going towards.. bet that'll change ya mind :)

When you #GimmeADollar it will be going towards a lot of random shit.... but all totally effin awesome shit that you will enjoy just as much as I do... probably

Random awesome shit includes:
• New bikinis (bc it's kinda required, as ya might have noticed by the job title #BikiniBowfishing)

•Boat Improvement (If you have seen any of my progress pics you know my boat has come a longggg way... but still has more work to be done #DatShitsBeenSomeWorkYo)

•Kayak Gadgets (bc them possibility are endless && totally fun!!!! && I'll be fishing from my kayak a ton since it's so easy to load up and go... it might also be the only way to get access to my carp honey hole that i have found... but i ain't giving hints to that spot sooooo maybe I'm just lying #YouWillNeverKnow)

•Fishing Shit

• Super hella cool jeep shit (have you seen my jeep? You should see my jeep... Now, when you go look for my jeep pics you might notice at the moment there aren't too many pic of her posted or even her and me posted... but that's only because she still has so much super hella cool shit she needs (&& You know women and their picture takin...Shits gotta be perfect #PickyBitches #TalkinBoutHer #NotMe)

•Durable Phone Cases

Damn did you just read all that... told ya I'd change ya mind ;)

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