*PreSale* 2019 Signed Bikini Bowfishing Calendar


Image of *PreSale* 2019 Signed Bikini Bowfishing Calendar

What better way to get ur year started than with bitches, bows, and bikinis.

The 2019 Bikini Bowfishing Calendar is a great reminder of what day it is because lets face it, u will be staring at it for most of the day anyway.

Now this isnt just your ordinary Bikini Bowfishing Calendar. These will be signed, packed up, and shipped out all by yours truly. (because i dont live in florida with the other girls #Bummer)

#WhosOnThatCover #🙋🏼#MeBitches #ImPrettyExcitedAboutIt #BuyOne #OrThree #ImJustExcited #ShitIWishThisHadEmojis

Ya'll be sure to leave me instructions at checkout for where and how to personalize your new awesome legit as fuck calendar ;) Thanks Peeps